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Berlingske Talent 100

The WORST advice I've ever been given: 'Age matters'. This advice came from a boss when I was 23 years old.

Today I can look back and think that it was actually the most important piece of advice I ever received.

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    Nicolai Vittrup
    27. mar. 2021

Talent 100

Because not only was it one of the reasons I threw myself into the entrepreneurial life and started Webamp - it also helped remind me of the management philosophy I wanted to stand for.

  • Hiring for motivation and drive - not for age or the best CV.
  • To show trust in my employees and give them space for their needs to develop.
  • To prioritise my employees as much as our customers.

That's why it's a huge honour to be included in Berlingske's Talent 100 2021, because it's recognition that my mantra holds true.

A huge thank you to Per Skov for the kind words and inspiring mentorship, to my amazing team at Webamp and to all those who have supported me on my journey.