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Passion, ambition and dreams are some of the factors that drive people. But is it enough when you're completely on your own? Is it even worth the work? My journey as founder of the marketing agency Webamp, has offered both headwinds and tailwinds that have collectively provided me with invaluable experience in management and entrepreneurship.

When I was 23, I decided that I wanted to challenge the online marketing market. I wanted to create a marketing agency where transparency, customer satisfaction and good company culture were among the top priorities. This was the start of Webamp. With my child savings as an investment, I gave up my apartment and slept on my father's couch for the next two years to pay the salary of my first employee.

Today, I remain the CEO of Webamp, host of the podcast The New Standard and an investor in Beepr. I also give personal talks to companies, sharing the experience I have gained on my journey as an entrepreneur. If you and your employees are interested in an in-depth and personal talk about entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and company culture, you can book a talk here.

Lectures on management

I want my people to thrive - that's why I think people-first in my management style. You'll never hear me preach a 'work 24/7' culture as I believe that's the epitome of bad management. Employees who overwork are not productive and will also become dissatisfied with their work in the long run - this is not beneficial for anyone. 

Lectures on entrepreneurship

I slept on my father's couch for two years to pay the salary of my first employee. Today my company has over 300 clients in portfolio, 20 employees and office in the heart of Copenhagen. That success story and my achievement as a young entrepreneur is it. I am most proud of. 

Lecture on corporate culture

I have one mantra about company culture: if your company has a good culture, it doesn't just stay within the company. It's about having a mindset that you can't just turn on at 8 in the morning and turn off again at 4 in the afternoon. The mindset needs to transcend the workplace and instead permeate employees at all times. 

Lectures on marketing

I am convinced that marketing is not a science, basic mathematics or as easy as saying 1+1=3. I stand by the belief that marketing should be about questioning the process, rather than blindly following it - part of that is making mistakes, which is perfectly okay. Mistakes shouldn't be stigmatised; either you learn a valuable lesson, or they can develop into something absolutely brilliant.

Why use me as a speaker?

My focus from the beginning has been to create a company culture that motivates my employees and gives them space to learn and develop their skills. With this ambition, I have today assembled a team of 20 ambitious and talented people who not only do a 'good job', but are brave enough to challenge the status quo and exceed expectations.

My drive and approach to entrepreneurship, business culture and management has paid off, and I've made a bottom line of over a million kroner in the last three years and reaped several Børsen Gazelles. The Gazelle serves as a special stamp of quality that has proven that we know how to think innovatively, adapt and grow - even in times of crisis like the last few years.

In 2021, I was selected as part of both the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Media & Marketing category and the Berlingske Talent 100 in the Management category. Both titles celebrate the entrepreneurship of youth, and are testament to my ability to create something that works. Despite the prestigious titles, the journey has not been a bed of roses.

In my talks to companies, I therefore share both the ups and downs I have encountered on my journey as an entrepreneur. I believe that we can inspire each other to challenge the norms when we have the courage to take risks and if we dare to put our mistakes into words.

Book a lecture for companies

What your company will get out of the lecture

The cornerstone of my lectures is personal experience. I don't tell you how to create the best company culture or how to lead your team. There is no specific recipe for that. The goal of my lectures is to give you an insight into the tools and methods that can serve as the building blocks of business. Most importantly, the goal is to motivate you to dare to exceed your own expectations.

I give personal and inspiring lectures to companies on management, entrepreneurship, corporate culture and marketing. If your company is interested in booking a talk for more than one of these topics, it is possible to tailor the talk to your event.

Get to know me through the New Standard

The New Standard is a business podcast where I focus on the stories behind some of Denmark's most talented entrepreneurs. Together with a distinguished guest, we delve into the stories and narratives that have shaped and continue to drive Denmark's entrepreneurs. In each episode, we turn to different journeys towards creating something new and how life's ups and downs have led them to where they are today. You can listen to The New Standard on Spotify, among other places.

I hope to inspire my listeners to dare to set the new standard for what they are good at. Interested in hearing more? Read more about my business podcast.

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