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Lectures on management

Good management is worth its weight in gold

Why is good leadership crucial? When your people thrive, your business thrives. Employees who overwork are not productive and you risk them becoming dissatisfied with their work in the long run, which is not good for anyone. In my talk on leadership, you'll find that my management style is heavily influenced by a people-first mentality. 

It can be tempting to focus solely on profit maximisation when running a business. The hook here is that it's ultimately your employees who generate profit, and they only do so when they thrive in the workplace. They won't if you preach a 'work 24/7' culture. 

Leadership is about being able to bring your team together and guide them - not control them. Only when you prioritise and value each employee will their success become your success. When you choose to prioritise your employees' wellbeing, you take the first step towards creating a mutually successful experience.

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Happy employees = happy customers = successful business.

Nicolai Vittrup

Founder of Webamp and The New Standard

My name is Nicolai, and I am the founder of the digital marketing agency Webamp and my business podcast The New Standard. I currently run an office with 20 employees. My intention from the beginning has been to create a company culture that motivates my employees and gives them space to learn and develop their skills. This has led to a culture where fist bumps, foosball and beer during weekly Friday meetings are a custom wherever I make decisions. 

My approach to management has resulted in Webamp having a bottom line of over a million kroner in the last three years. We have won several Børsen Gazelles, proving that we know how to think innovatively, adapt and grow - even in the times of crisis that have marked our society in recent years.

In 2021, I was selected as part of both the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Media & Marketing category and the Berlingske Talent 100 in the Management category. Both titles celebrate youth entrepreneurship.

Lectures on management

What distinguishes me as a lecturer?

The cornerstone of my leadership lectures is a human focus. As an entrepreneur, it is important to remember that the driving force of your business is not gears or gasoline - but real people. That's why my leadership lectures focus on how to motivate, drive and guide a team rather than manage it.

My lectures are informed by my personal experience of leadership. Just as I like to tell about the times we have been able to celebrate success, I also turn the other side of the coin. I don't tell you how to be the best leader for your team, because there is no universal recipe for that.

Along the way, I will give an insight into how I have managed to create success by putting employees first and by daring to expose myself. When you use your personality and personal qualities as part of your leadership, rather than hiding behind standardised models and theories, your employees understand your vision and intentions much better.

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My journey as an entrepreneur has taught me a lot about business culture, entrepreneurship, management and marketing. If your company is interested in booking an inspirational talk on leadership, please feel free to contact me. Until the next leadership talk, you can listen to engaging conversations about entrepreneurship, leadership and business culture in The New Standard on either Spotify, Apple or Podimo.

Good leadership is closely linked to the ability to create a good company culture that is rewarding and motivating for your employees. To learn more about how I have created a culture at Webamp that supports all of the company's goals, read more about my talk on company culture.