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Corporate Social Responsibility

Club 10 2023/2024 - Red Cross

Every year, the Red Cross selects a strong team of ambassadors who are dedicated to raising funds for good causes. This year, I have been given the honor of being part of Club 10, for 2023/2024, at the Red Cross - an ambassadorship that I look forward to fulfilling.

The coming year will be filled with exciting fundraising projects. Together we will work to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people both at home and around the world.


SuperDysten 2021 - CoolUnite

In 2021, Webamp participated in SuperDysten, organized by Radio NOVA and the charity CoolUnite. The purpose of the competition was to support vulnerable and sick children in Denmark and give them good experiences and an easier everyday life.

At Webamp, we are always ready to help vulnerable and sick children in Denmark. Together with six other companies, we competed to see who could raise the most money for the cause in just 14 days.

We managed to raise DKK 102,207, which we donated to CoolUnite. This was made possible thanks to our amazing partners and customers. Overall, the whole team managed to raise just over 1 million DKK for the children in need.