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Find both press kit and see previous articles about me, or my projects.

About Nicolai Vittrup
Founder, CEO, Investor, Podcast & Speaker

It all started in an apartment in Nørrebro in 2015 when I was 23 years old.

Here I started my first company Webamp, which I have bootstrapped to 2 x Børsen Gazelle (2021, 2022) and delivered 3 x million profits in a row (2020, 2021, 2022).

Today, I am both an investor in Beepr, and run my own management podcast The New Standard with +35,000 listeners.

Facts about Nicolai
  • Born: 03/10-1991
  • Projects: Director of Webamp, investor in Beepr & podcaster at Den Nye Standard
  • Education: Media graphics from Copenhagen Technical School, 2013
  • Why: Webamp was created in frustration that the customer experience mentality was not good enough. It was a revolt against bad products and the whole mindset of how customers were greeted. In my universe, the customer is the hero and we are Yoda trying to advise them
  • Philosophy: We must look at people first