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Lecture on good corporate culture

Workplace culture is key

Get insights and be inspired in my lecture on good corporate culture. When your people thrive, your business thrives - that's how every business with an eye on success should think. The ultimate driving force of your business is neither mechanical cogs nor petrol, but real people, all contributing to maximising the company's capabilities. A good company culture that motivates and drives your employees is therefore crucial to creating an efficient and successful workplace.

Since the beginning of Webamp, I've been working by one mantra: "If your company has a good culture, it doesn't just stay within the company." I consider the biggest sign of a successful company culture to be a sense of togetherness that doesn't just exist within the office. I have therefore tried to create a mindset that can't just be switched on at 8 in the morning and switched off again at 4 in the afternoon when you're off.

Lecture on corporate culture
If your company has a good culture, it doesn't just stay within the company

Nicolai Vittrup


Corporate culture is at the heart of every business. At Webamp, culture is created from a DNA that centres a specific way of thinking, being and acting. The DNA is something I look for in employees before I hire them. It has nothing to do with external elements such as how many clients you have or how much your average salary is. The DNA is about the passionate mindset that can't just be switched off when you turn off the computer and leave the office. 

Since the beginning of Webamp, I've prided myself on having a great company culture every day and every time. Under Corona, for example, I would not let homework affect our internal culture and camaraderie more than the maximum. That's why I was determined to keep Webamp's infamous 'Pizza Friday' alive, despite the fact that we couldn't be together. I arranged for all employees to have pizza delivered to their homes instead, so we could eat it together over Zoom. That way, we could keep the traditions that contribute to the Webamp DNA as much as possible.

Corporate culture lectures

Passionate employees create success

At Webamp, I have managed to bring together a mix of both outgoing and more impulsive personalities who work and thrive on the front line, as well as more introverted and systematic employees who prefer stability or structure. I see diversity as an opportunity both to strengthen the shared culture and to work towards our primary goal: providing a sublime customer experience and creating transparency in a world that seems abstract and distant to many.

These differences should help to create the basis for a focused team effort, which requires everyone to understand why and how other personality types act. My focus here is to create a strong and healthy culture in order to deliver results for our customers by providing the best possible service.

Get help to have a healthy workplace

After the lecture you will have got answers on how to:

  • Creates a healthy corporate culture.

  • Hiring star employees with drive and the right mindset.

  • Makes different personality types work together.

  • Make your employees proud to be in the company.

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My journey as an entrepreneur has taught me a lot about business culture, entrepreneurship, management and marketing. If your company is interested in booking an inspiring talk on corporate culture, please feel free to contact me. While you're looking forward to the next talk on business culture, you can listen to exciting conversations about entrepreneurship, management and business culture in The New Standard on either Spotify, Apple or Podimo.