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About Nicolai Vittrup

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Nicolai Vittrup

Nicolai Vittrup is a Danish entrepreneur who, at the age of 23, put his entire childhood savings into starting his own business without help from others. Today, he is the founder and CEO of Amplify, which is a testament to the entrepreneurial drive and spirit that Nicolai possesses.

Nicolai is not just an entrepreneur, founder or CEO. Above all, he is an incredibly positive person who enjoys spending time with his employees - both in and out of the office. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be an optimistic and happy person. That's the message Nicolai makes sure to pass on to everyone he meets who has the same goals and dreams as he does. This is why fist bumps, table football and beer during weekly Friday meetings are the custom wherever Nicolai makes decisions.


Talent 100

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Among Nicolai's many achievements is being nominated as one of Denmark's top 100 entrepreneurial talents in Berlingske in 2021. The first two years after starting Webamp, Nicolai moved out of his own apartment and slept on his father's couch to pay his first employees. It therefore means everything to Nicolai to be recognised as a prominent entrepreneur.

30 Under 30

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In addition to being recognized as one of Denmark's top 100 entrepreneurial talents, Nicolai is also part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 list (in the Media and Marketing category). This tremendous honor is another testament to the great adversity Nicolai has gone through to establish himself as the prominent entrepreneur he is today.