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Lectures on entrepreneurship

My journey as a young entrepreneur

Why do I give lectures on entrepreneurship? At the age of just 8, I got my first taste of entrepreneurial life after sneaking my father's tools out of the workshop one day and selling them on a street corner. I had managed to sell every single tool and despite having to part with his tools unexpectedly - at ridiculously low prices - my father told me he was still a little bit impressed by my work ethic.

That story was the start of my interest in creating, growing and driving and at the age of 23, the time had come for me to create something in earnest. Today, I'm a little more proud of that than my street corner achievement. I founded the digital marketing agency Webamp using my childhood savings, and a strong determination to want to run my own. Today, Webamp has 18 employees, more than 300 clients in its portfolio and offices in the heart of Copenhagen. In parallel, I run the business podcast The New Standard, where I focus on the stories behind some of Denmark's brightest entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur Lecture
Happy employees = happy customers = successful business.

Nicolai Vittrup

Entrepreneurship - for better or worse

Passion, ambition and dreams are some of the factors that drive people. But is it enough when you alone are in charge? My journey, as founder of the marketing agency Webamp, has offered both headwinds and tailwinds. The early years included having to give up my flat and sleep on my father's sofa for the next two years to pay the salary of my first employee.

Being a successful entrepreneur is about anticipating the unpredictable - you need to be agile, ready and quick to adapt, and you can't do that if you focus on anyone but yourself. Entrepreneurship is a journey about constantly improving yourself and who you were yesterday. 

Lectures on entrepreneurship

What can you do with an entrepreneurial talk?

My talk on entrepreneurship acts as a motivator to raise your ambitions and expectations of your own performance. Many who are interested in entrepreneurship either lack confidence in their own ability to perform, or they make a headlong leap before they know how deep that is. Don't hold back from taking the plunge, but if you don't know the depths, it's a good idea to equip yourself with a few simple tips.

The talk will therefore be filled with inspiration, do's and dont's as well as tips and tricks that will give you a better chance of success. Whether you have a small startup or are already well established in the business world, I guarantee you will walk away with a renewed motivation to bring your dreams to life.

Book a lecture on entrepreneurship 

My journey as an entrepreneur has taught me a lot about business culture, management and marketing. If your company is interested in booking an inspiring talk on entrepreneurship, please feel free to contact me.

Until the next lecture, you can listen to exciting conversations about entrepreneurship, management and business culture in The New Standard on either Spotify, Apple or Podimo.