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Lectures on marketing

Challenge traditional marketing perspectives

In many cases, marketing can seem like a science based on fixed principles, rules and mathematical calculations. Having been in the field for a short time, I quickly got the impression of an abstract and detached world, where the focus on the customer was very much missing. This is one of the issues I will be discussing in more detail in my marketing talk.

This was not the idea I had of the work approach when I dreamed of working in marketing. Determined to take matters into my own hands, I embarked on a journey to turn this notion on its head and challenge traditional perspectives in marketing.

With my children's savings as the only investment in the project, at 23 I gave up my apartment and moved in with my father. This became the first step in my mission to create a space and an online universe where there would be room to question the processes and where the customer is always the hero.

Marketing Lecture
Happy employees = happy customers = successful business.

Nicolai Vittrup

Webamp - where the customer is the hero

My motivation to put the customer first and to dare to challenge the status quo was the start of Webamp. Webamp is an online marketing agency that aims to guide businesses in the digital landscape, which can otherwise be a distant place to navigate. My mantra since the beginning has been to explore, challenge and evolve the way we lead and run businesses - and this is exactly what we continue to do at Webamp.

At Webamp, we work across the entire digital marketing market, as all areas are ultimately parameters in the grand equation of ensuring visibility on digital platforms. Our nuanced understanding and approach to marketing has resulted in a bottom line of over a million dollars in the last three years and several Børsen Gazelles, proving that we know how to think innovatively, adapt and grow - even in the times of crisis that have marked our society in recent years.


This is what my marketing talk is about

My approach to marketing has always been about creating an all-around solution for all sizes of businesses that need help moving in the digital marketplace. The talk on marketing will therefore cover SEO, Google advertising, social media marketing, website development and how we, at Webamp, work with these parameters on a strategic level.

I believe marketing should be about questioning the process rather than blindly following them. There needs to be room to make mistakes, because mistakes can roughly lead to one of two things: either you learn a lesson, or something brilliant emerges that you can incorporate into your strategy going forward. Marketing should never be seen as rigid and concrete - it is fluid, changing and open to interpretation. This is the cornerstone of my talk on marketing.

My personal experience as an entrepreneur

My journey as an entrepreneur has so far offered both headwinds and tailwinds, resulting in invaluable experience in management, business culture, marketing and entrepreneurship. My passion and ambition have also paid off in the long run. In 2021, I was selected as part of both Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Media & Marketing category and Berlingske Talent 100 in the Management category. Both are titles that celebrate youth entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in getting a deeper insight into the personal experiences I have acquired as an entrepreneur, I also offer lectures with this specific focus.

In addition to running Webamp, I host the business podcast The New Standard, where I share my own experiences as founder of Webamp and, together with inspiring people, delve into the stories that have shaped and continue to drive Denmark's entrepreneurs.